Nicola Canyon Pin – Bill & Josie

Trip Report Nicola R – Thurs. June 27
Today we ran the Canyon run of the Nicola River.
Carey was the trip organizer.

We put in at Chief Joe Anthony bridge and the take out was at Osprey Ranch. Anne and Alain led the charge down river. The water level was low but, they did an admirable job of finding the best routes through the numerous rock gardens.

The armada consisted of 14 canoes. A mix of solo and tandem. We divided into 2 groups of 7 canoes each.
We had 7 tandems in our group – Josie and Bill, Carey and Jen, Anne and Alain, Jill and Paddy, Cara and Dave, Simon and Leigh and Seb and Kristin.

We had beautiful weather. The trip was uneventful with the exception of significant bumping and grinding. But Josie and Bill managed to get pinned on rocks at the headwall. Carey executed a flawless rescue and the boat is still intact.

We all had a great day!
Thanks Carey, Anne and Alain

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