Why We’re Called The Beavers

Back in the fall of ’76, a group met to consider the formation of a new paddling club in Burnaby. Pauline and Les Mushens recall that it was a rambling discussion. Names were suggested. It had to be associated with water. Loons? Coots? Salmons? Nothing seemed to excite.

When the list finally reached ‘Beavers’, Jack Wainwright quipped “And then your newsletter could be the Beaver Tales!” That sparked a response. The beaver. It was a national symbol, at home in the water, industrious, lived in a close-knit group, stayed active even in the winter. “Seeing beavers in the river symbolized getting away, reminded us of the beauty of night paddles, quiet peaceful times,” Pauline reminisced. The vote was unanimous.

The Beaver Canoe Club was named.

From Beaver Tales, March 2001