Basic Paddlers 2024 Info and Registration

Basic Paddlers 2024

The course requires three sessions: Wednesday April 24 (evening, in person, 7:30 PM), Sat. April 27 (Deer Lake) and May 4 (Deer Lake); all day.

  • Memberships must be current before registering.

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The Basics

The lakewater tandem course consists of one Zoom evening lecture and two days on the water. Tandem means two people paddling the canoe. You’ll learn skills to keep you safe and manoeuvres to reduce muscle strain, all designed to make your canoeing fun. This course is for you if you want to go on day or overnight trips on flat water, or are interested in advancing to river canoeing. There are no prerequisites. In addition, all our instructors are certified by the Recreational Canoeing Association of BC (RCABC).

Canoe Rentals

Rent boats, PFDs, etc. from:

Middleton’s Boats or call  David @ (604) 240-0503

Deer Lake Boat Rentals (604) 521-3183
Both the above have agreed to rent canoes, paddles & pfd’s for Beaver Canoe Club Basic Paddler’s Lessons at $40 inclusive / day. Both will have the equipment at Deer Lake. Reserve now.

Need a Partner?

We will help pair you up if you do not have a partner.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Canoe safely
  • Paddle in a straight line using a J-stroke
  • Carry, launch and land a canoe
  • Choose paddles, personal floatation devices (PFDs), etc.
  • Go forward, stop and reverse
  • Store and waterproof gear
  • Identify canoe types
  • Make basic turns
  • Perform canoe-over-canoe rescues
  • Get back into a boat during a rescue
  • Handle waves and wind
  • Manoeuvre with sideslips and spins
  • Prevent and treat hyper and hypothermia
  • Transport your boat on a car
  • Dress appropriately for BC waters

Open to

  • Every adult  Club Member of the Beaver Canoe Club
  • Juniors (under 19) by application and must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian.