Intro to Moving Water 2021

Provincial Health Officer Orders prohibit the club from conducting Intro 2 Moving Water as planned. It is rescheduled. 

This club-led clinic is for tandem canoeists who are interested in advancing from lakewater to river canoeing. It consists of an evening lecture and one day on the water. The emphasis is on skills development, understanding river dynamics and being safe on the water.

  • Wednesday June 23, (Zoom), &
  • Thursday July 1. Nicola River, (Merritt). See the “Rivers’ Week Guide” under the For Members tab.
  • Registration priority by date of membership.

Email: Training Director after June 1 to register for the clinic.

You’ll learn about:

  • River hazards
  • The need for extra flotation (air bags)
  • Group travel on the river
  • Safety procedures and signals
  • Environment and ethical concerns
  • The international river grading system

On the water you’ll:

  • Do forward and back ferries
  • Swim rapids
  • Line a boat
  • Rescue (and be rescued) with a throw rope

Open to

  • Every adult  Club Member of the Beaver Canoe Club who have graduated from Basic Paddlers.
  • Junior Members, (under 19), by application and in the direct supervision of their parent or guardian.

Register for Course

Email Training Director to register for the course.

Canoe Rentals

Rent boats, PFDs, etc. from Middleton’s Boats or call 604-240-0503

Need a Partner?

We will help pair you up if you do not have a partner.