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Video; A New Nicola River

A video about the magnitude and effects of the November 2021 flood on the Nicola drainage system and campsite may be viewed by logging in to your Beaver Account and clicking on the "For Members' tab and then "Rivers' Week." More

2 New Videos

htttps://CanoeBC.ca -> Videos Chilliwack 2021; aka Try Again & Back Ferry More

Replacement Air Valves

Need a new valve for your air bag? About $3.50 each incl. delivery. These work:  More

Basic Paddlers – Thank You.

by Kate L Hello! Though sad to miss Rivers Week (next summer for sure!) Adam and I just got back from paddling the Bowron Lakes Circuit. We finished the trip in an easy 4.5 days but we're very grateful for the class during our trip. Water levels were ... More

Missed the Awards & Xmas Party?

If you were not one of the 45 computers, (60 to 80 people), that were in attendance all is not lost. You may watch TWTYTW 2020 Here. http://beaver.canoebc.ca/Video/BCC2020TWTYTW.mp4 More

Kootenay River Highlights

If you missed the Beaver November meeting here is a link to an abbreviated version of the entertainment. More

Adams 2020

Surf’s up on the Adams River September 2020 Hard to beat the September long weekend on the beautiful and very fun Adams River. What’s not to like about warm water, lots of adrenaline and good laughs. This was traditionally the official RCABC’s ... More

Drama on the Chilliwack

Click on the Videos link at CanoeBC.ca. PS: The Film is called Kara - Year 2 More

Nicola Canyon Pin – Bill & Josie

Trip Report Nicola R - Thurs. June 27 Today we ran the Canyon run of the Nicola River. Carey was the trip organizer. We put in at Chief Joe Anthony bridge and the take out was at Osprey Ranch. Anne and Alain led the charge down river. The water ... More

Pasayten River trip report – Sebastian Merz

2019-06-22 Carey, Jen, Scott, Anne, Alain, Don, Phil and two unnamed travellers in a 16ft canoe. The Pasayten River – the fabled and feared destination of many a canoeist`s dreams, and the cold grave of many more. Some say the Pasayten is in fact the ... More