Basic Paddlers – Thank You.

by Kate L


Though sad to miss Rivers Week (next summer for sure!) Adam and I just got back from paddling the Bowron Lakes Circuit. We finished the trip in an easy 4.5 days but we’re very grateful for the class during our trip.

Water levels were high, campsites were flooded and the Caribou River was moving fast. Adam and I had no problem communicating where the boat needed to go to avoid obstacles and our strokes worked well to move the boat where we needed to go.

We actually had to use the emergency radio on the river to call for help because a boat in front of us got caught and pinned under logs. (The couple was fine but sadly spent the night on a small island in the river because the rangers couldn’t reach them until the next day… We did our duty, it just seems like the park is understaffed and it was the radio operator’s 3rd day on the job…)

Carey – thank you for organizing the beginners paddling training.

Alain – thank you for teaching Adam and I how to paddle, putting up with our jokes, etc. We are looking for a moving water course as we speak since we missed yours.

We’ll see you out on the water (we’re ready for many more trips to come.)

Hope you enjoyed Rivers Week. Hope to see you both soon,


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