River’s Week -Tulameen River

Once upon a time on a river far far away, eight Beavers took a trip down the Tulameen river to play.  The sun was hot and the water was cool, us beavers knew exactly what to do — in the pools. Swimming through the rocks and surfing on waves, some would call that a perfect day! 

As we made our way down stream, a distant canyon could be seen. We stopped and had a little lunch, then four beavers in the bunch; braved the canyon while we watched and waved; thinking to ourselves they should have stayed! But, those four Beavers knew what to do and with a little luck they made it through! 

As our journey continued down the river, the clouds rolled in and we started to shiver. As we came around the river bend sadly our trip came to an end. On a river far far away, those eight beavers had a fantastic day! 

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