Coldwater River from Juliet Creek to Larson Hill


So I fell out of my boat – but it wasn’t really my fault! 

My prescription sunglasses were broken and I couldn’t see without my regular glasses AND the rock just jumped out of the river in front of me!  I tried really hard to avoid it, but to no avail.  Over I went in about 2 feet of water.  The shame of it all… However, I stood up and dragged my boat to shore, and with help, dumped it out and climbed back in.

Once I tamed my pre-trip jitters, the rest of the paddle was great.  The water was clear and moved along nicely.  There were lots of rocks to dance the boat around, and rapids to run.  We had a good group – about 8 boats.  Dan B leader, Carey R, Claude G, Don S, Luke M, Dan B, Paddy L, me, and Monica and Maddy B as sweep boat. There were corners with wood, and some wood without corners, but it was all at a decent level so no scary bits.  Dan led us to a place where the river was blocked so we had to climb around and over some wood.  The folks behind Carey managed to find the old channel with lots of water, so they didn’t have an adventure.  They remained in their boats all the way to the lunch spot.  After lunch, we continued under the five bridges to Larson Hill. 

It was a lovely paddle – exactly right – and we all enjoyed ourselves. What a great day.


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