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Coldwater River from Juliet Creek to Larson Hill

  So I fell out of my boat – but it wasn’t really my fault!  My prescription sunglasses were broken and I couldn’t see without my regular glasses AND the rock just jumped out of the river in front of me!  I tried really hard to avoid it, ... More

Cheakamus River – August 12, 2017

Well, it happened. I was the first to fall out of my boat, so here’s my take on the day. This is actually two trip reports, one very serious, and the other, a more light- hearted version. The first part of the trip was great. The river level was a ... More

South Allouette – February 2017

by Leigh Burton So Sunday, Feb 26, I woke up to snow and wondered, “Whatever prompted me to decide to join a trip on the South Alouette today!?” Oh well, I’d already loaded up the car and was ready to go. 10:00 am saw us at the 232nd Park at the ... More