Trip Reports

Trip Report – Harrison River Sept 2017

The trip was billed as an easy paddle through the valley farmlands with some moving water in the middle. There was casual interest until Friday afternoon when this quiet country paddle stirred the interest of the masses and suddenly people began emailing ... More

Cheakamus – Saturday September 9, 2017

Per usual I dumped, unusually it was below Fergies (Sea Wolf ). So ipso facto I write the report ill stop the Latin. Carey send out a last minute call for the Cheakamus. Alain and Anne answered the call as did I and Beranrd who wanted to bring Jen! ... More

Newcastle Island Family Campout – Aug 11-13th, 2017

We were greeted by the sun as we left home Friday morning. Meeting up at the passenger drop off at Horseshoe Bay were two tandem, one solo and two kayaks, paddlers Rebecca, Ramsay and young Nicola, Suzanna and John, Karey Parsa and Bryan. We were right ... More

Cheakamus River – August 12, 2017

Well, it happened. I was the first to fall out of my boat, so here’s my take on the day. This is actually two trip reports, one very serious, and the other, a more light- hearted version. The first part of the trip was great. The river level was a ... More

Rivers Week Trip Report – Lower Tulameen River

On another beautiful day with great water level, the crew below set off on a trip down the lower Tulameen. We launched at the Granite City campground and came off the river in the residential area of Princeton. The Crew: Paddy & Jill Scott ... More

Belated…Cheakamus River April 29, 2017

Was expecting trip report to be written by someone else.  But anyway thought I would add this link to the video Paddy made at the time.  It wasn't intended as a formal club video and most people who were on the trip have seen it already... but hey! ... More

Rivers Week-Day One -Similkameen, Blowdown to Pasayton River camp

DAY ONE.... Rivers week 2017, day one Upper Similkameen, a super run It was a beautiful day for a paddle Solo, tandem, seat or saddle All ten of us had lots of fun.   The water was bubbly and clear And we paddled along in good cheer The sun it ... More

Rivers Week – Sunday June 25 – Similkameen River, from Princeton to Bromley Rock

This is the trip report for the Sunday June 25 paddle, Similkameen River from Princeton to Bromley Rock.  We had 3 tandem canoes- Paddy (trip leader) and Jill, Bernard and Jenn, and Mike and Pam.  Pam volunteered to write the report because no one went ... More

Tulameen Canyon – July 28, 2017 Rivers week was in full stride. The gang had paddled the Similkameen from Blowdown, the rarely-paddled Pasayton that everyone raved about, the Upper Similkameen to Princeton and the lower Tulameen "house rocks" run. Which ... More

Ladner Marsh Trip Report – May 21, 2017

It was a gorgeous sunny day, something we haven’t had for a while so everyone was eager to get on the water. The trip leader was April W. and the paddlers were Pam F., Mike D., Suzanna H., John G. and 2 new members Christine McG. and Bruce M. and a ... More