Pam’s Widgeon Creek

Widgeon Creek

For me this was my first, official BCC paddle, of 2021.   I was so happy to be joining my fellow BCC paddling friends.  We did have an early start so we could find parking spots, which meant that when we reached the picnic place we automatically started to each lunch and it was only 10:39 am!   The Widgeon Creek was so flat, like glass, it gave mirror images everywhere – of the shore, trees and sky.  So perfect.  There was no hike to Widgeon Falls.  This time with the water being so high, and no gravel bars, it gave us the opportunity to paddle up the other arm of Widgeon Creek that is so often not paddled because of low water.  It was a narrow channel, with lush trees and foliage almost meeting over the river The greyness of what little sky we could see, only focused your attention more on what was surrounding you – clear, running water and quiet forest…  Paddling Widgeon Creek with friends is always a great day!
Pam F.

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