Whitewater “park & practice” session on the Chilliwack River

Chil-Park &Pl-Heather Outrage0While sticking to one lovely spot on the river, Pat guided and encouraged us as we practiced going up and down river, trying different circuits and S turns from eddy to eddy.

It was great to see Dave M. on the water. Both Denise and Heather’s dogs entertained us swimming around fetching the throw bag. Trish practiced her non paddle side strokes while Phil B. flew down in his new Blackfly. Paul & Ellen came by for a visit and were able to sneak away from their parent duties to get a quick paddle in. Meanwhile, Eoin and I spun around in circles while trying out solo canoes for the first time.

It was a beautiful spot on an extra hot and sunny day!

2016-08-14 14.46.32


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