North Alouette Meander

In late October, we paddled the North Alouette River from 232nd Street to Neaves Road, Maple Ridge.   This was one of Mike’s impromptu trips.  They happen a lot, but only when he’s not tired, and only if you’re on his email list.  The message was short: “meet at Maple Ridge Park 10 am.”  Whaa? if I want to know more, I’ll just have to show up.

It was a shortish trip, long enough to work up an appetite, but not enough to stop for lunch.   We went just after a rain, when the water was high enough to cover the rocks, but not so high as to push us into the trees that lay across the water.  It was an easy trip, but a fishy one.

Salmon everywhere, struggling upstream to pass on their legacy before they themselves pass on.  Mike was there, Jen and Bernard, Rebecca, Bryan, Simon and Rose, and me.  We got splashed, a lot.  If you ever want a cheap Jacuzzi, consider putting some spawning salmon in the tub.   We hopped over some logs – well most of us did.  Some just fell in.  Fun trip, I’m lucky I went.   See the pictures.

Dave W.

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