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Trip Report: Thanksgiving Weekend Part 2: Skagit River: Oct 12, 2020: Leigh B

Monday morning, we - being Leigh B, Owen L and Dave W -  headed to Hope to meet up with Anya Mc, Luke M and Dave A who were coming to paddle Yale to Hope on the Fraser. We drove to the proposed take out.  The water was a bit higher than yesterday and ... More

Trip Report: Thanksgiving Weekend Part 1: Fraser River Agassiz to Deroche: Oct 11, 2020 Leigh B

Well!   What a week-end! Dave W had organized a trip for both Sunday and Monday on the Fraser River. From Agassiz to Deroche and from Yale to Hope.  The water levels were fine (4.9 m deep and 2,740 m3/s) at Hope.  The weather was predicted as rain ... More

Cheakamus River, Sunday, September 13, 2020

by Leigh B -  It was the Orange Boats’ Turn. Some trips - only red boats dump, others - blue boats dump. Often though – it’s a rainbow of boats dumping.  But this trip, it was the orange boats’ turn. Due to the wildfires in the western ... More

Canoe needs good home

A neighbor wonders if I know of anyone who would like to have his old canoe It is 16' long by 3' wide in a frontiersman-style with a keel and 11'' from  bottom to sheer line. Hull is in good shape and one broken seat. It would be suitable for day ... More

Trip report: SUMAS RIVER – August 16 2020 Ben G

Ten of us on the trip: Ben, Sophia, Rebecca, Riley, Dave, Karim, Mike, Carey, Ian and Jaylene On the hottest weekend of the summer we set out at 10 AM from the dam between The Sumas’ terminus and the Vedder. We met up at Huge park on Cole road. Carey ... More

Moody Inlet – June 25, 2020 – Dave W

We had five boats: Mike & Pam, Anya & Leigh, Shahram & Kathy, Christine & Serrat, & Dave.  April could not come as she was doing her laundry. The original plan was to meet at the Belcarra Picnic Area Parking Lot.  But evidently, ... More

Ladner Marsh – June 7, 2020 – Pam F

Sunday June 7, 2020 was a perfect day for a club paddle on the Fraser River.  It was bright, sunny and windy!  We met at the Ladner Wharf and got our canoes off cars and our gear assembled.  Dave W did the pre-paddle safety meeting and we all introd... More

North Alouette River – June 14 – Leigh B

June 14th was damp.  Two solo and two tandem boats met to paddle the North Alouette river.  This river is not often paddled as it seldom has enough water to make it navigable.  We were lucky(?), however, as this day it was just right. We met at ... More

President’s Message – June 2017

Congratulations New Paddlers for earning your  Tandem Lakewater certificates.  Many have gone on to try out moving water.  Did I mention we fall in sometimes?  Congratulations for that as well. Thanks for Carey and all the instructors who helped, ... More

North Alouette Meander

In late October, we paddled the North Alouette River from 232nd Street to Neaves Road, Maple Ridge.   This was one of Mike’s impromptu trips.  They happen a lot, but only when he’s not tired, and only if you’re on his email list.  The ... More