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Hayward Lake 23-08-20 Trip Report

 It’s been a bit of a struggle this year getting trips to run in the valley due to low participation but there were 3 canoes ready to go on this trip so it was a go! However, Mother Nature decided  we needed smoky skies, presumably to reduce ... More

A Lifesaving Rescue and Testimonial for Beaver Canoe Club Training

This account of a rescue was recently sent to me by two club members who completed the Basic Paddlers and Introduction to Moving Water training in the spring of 2022. Early in the following summer they were required to execute a life saving rescue. ... More

Upper Nicomen Slough – June 12, 2022

There was a slight ripple on the water as we shoved off below the Deroche bridge heading north to what is known and “Bell Dam” at the end of Malcolm Road. Kym W. and Yiolanne A. paddled one canoe while Peter G and his wife Deb, and Carole and I ... More

Cedar Canvas Canoe Repairs

If you have a cedar and canvas canoe in need of repair or restoration, I may be able to help you out. Send me an email at: bpodesta@shaw.ca    Bob Podesta Mission More

Hatzic Lake Paddle 2021-08-08

With a mildly threatening forecast of possible rain we head out to the lake from our mustering point at the info center in Mission. As we get closer to the lake and a bit further into the mountains the clouds look a bit more ominous and there is light ... More

Widgeon Creek Year End Trip 20-10-18

         For the final trip of the year nature decided to give us excellent water levels both in and out of the waterway.  There was a light rain earlier in the morning but it had stopped by the time we were loading and we didn’t see anymore ... More

Lower Chilliwack River 2020-08-09

Hard to find a nicer day to paddle this river; water levels were pleasant, beautiful sunny day, with a mild breeze to just to make you feel good. Eleven of the thirteen paddlers met on the south end of the Vedder Bridge to finalize trip details. Two ... More

Tulameen River- Canyon Run – June 28, 2020

The “Canyon Run” on the Tulameen River is an exciting white water run and this year was no exception. the water was moving quickly and a bit “pushier” than usual.  It is a solid grade 2 to 2+ run with a couple features that could be classed ... More

Kanaka Creek, Maple Ridge- Evening Paddle June 4th

We have been enjoying a run of really nice evening paddles lately and with the Fraser in flood, this was no exception. Kanaka Creek is a smaller stream running through the edge of rural Maple Ridge with a protected shoreline for most of its length due to ... More

Hatzic Lake and Slough 20-05-31

Well it all started with a precarious weather forecast that would bring gusty winds from the south and rain. I was recently on this lake with the same forecast and it was not a pleasant paddle in open water.  Naturally when we arrived at the lake for ... More