President's Message - June 2017

Congratulations New Paddlers for earning your  Tandem Lakewater certificates.  Many have gone on to try out moving water.  Did I mention we fall in sometimes?  Congratulations for that as well.

Thanks for Carey and all the instructors who helped, and to Scott who both taught and organized our second annual pub night.

Our secretary, Mark Alexander, unfortunately, has had to resign due to health problems.  Thank-you Mark for your service to the club.  We will miss sharing adventures with you this Rivers Week.  

Thank-you Christine Lambert for agreeing to fill in as secretary for the balance of the year.  Thank-you John and Suzanna for staffing the MEC club night booth, raising our profile, and making paddling gear a little easier to purchase.

Rivers Week is coming, June 24th to July 2nd.   We’re hoping for perfect water levels, but regardless, we’ll find somewhere to paddle, and have a good time.

David WesteII

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Training Director Report - May 2016

Basic Paddlers

This year we had 45 people register and take some or all of our world renowned Basic Paddler Lessons. Special thanks to our Instructors: Greg, Scott, Phil & Alain. Also our co-examiner Madelaine and our Dumping coordinator Claude. Thanks to John for coming to both the theory and first Saturday to register members. Several students sent emails complimenting the patience and competence of their Instructors.

Intro to Moving Water

Wednesday May 31 & Saturday June 3.

Any late registrants should send an email to Carey@CanoeBC.ca including proof of their club membership.

Lakewater Instructors’ Course

Three weekends in September.

In addition to the 10% early registration discount Beaver members may receive an additional 10% discount. This course is considered by most past attendees as the single best way to improve your stroke technique. The prerequisite is that you can solo paddle around Deer Lake doing the J-stroke. For more information go to www.Learn2Canoe.ca

Rivers (and lakes too), Week 2017

Contact: Carey@CanoeBC.ca

A 10 day paddling extravaganza! You cannot beat this trip for paddling fun! A great place for new paddlers to learn, and experienced paddlers to hone their skills. Enjoy paddling lakes as well as the Nicola, Coldwater, Spius Creek, Similkameen or Tulameen Rivers with your fellow club members. Rivers are grade I-III.

There is a comprehensive guide and map in the For Members tab on the Beaver website. Anyone that has not come before should print it out and bring it with them.

This year we will leave from the Manning Park Restaurant at 9:00 AM. The restaurant opens at 8 if you are hoping to get breakfast.

The Itinerary:

• Saturday June 24: Similkameen River from Blowdown to Pasayten Rd.
Grade 1+ with sweepers and log jams. Be prepared to jump in and out.
Camp at Pasayten Rd. Bridge. (Alternate: Lightening Lakes in Manning Park).

• Sunday June 25: Pasayten River. Grade II with 2 minor grade III rapids.
Potential for Sweepers. A remote trip. Alternate: Similkameen River from Princeton to Bromley Rock: Grade I. Camp at either Pasayten Rd. Bridge or Granite City. (If the Pasayten Rd is not Passable we will paddle the Upper Similkameen from Elk Ridge to Princeton.)

• Monday June 26: Upper Similkameen from Elk Ridge to Princeton. Grade II+
Camp at Granite City. Alternate trip: Otter Lake

• Tuesday June 27: Lower Tulameen. Grade II with one Grade III rapid, (portageable) and One mandatory portage through a tunnel on the abandoned Kettle Valley Railway line. Camp Granite City.

• Wednesday June 28: Upper Tulameen. Grade II+. Alternate: Tulameen from Tulameen to Granite City. Grade I. Camp – by group decision.

• Thursday – Monday July 3: Coldwater or Nicola Rivers. Camp at N’Kwala. 22 k west of stoplight in Merritt on Hwy. #5.

• Saturday July 1st. 5:00 PM: Ultimate Happy Hour (This is a no-nachos event).

Other important stuff:

• Keep a full gas tank and carry at least 5 gallons of water.

• We camp at minimally serviced camping areas. Bring your lawn chairs and a folding table.

• There is a Happy Hour every evening.

• We generally confine ourselves to one or two campfires depending on the group size and any fire bans.

• Everyone is expected to participate in shuttles. Exeptions only by Trip Leader consent.

• Read the Rivers’ Week Guide!

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Instructor/Advanced Paddling Skills Participants Needed

This is a message to paddlers who would like to increase the paddling skills to the advanced level.

Beginning Sept 8, 2017 there is a Lake water instructors course posted on learn2canoe.ca you do not need to become an instructor when you complete this course but you will acquire advance skills upon completion.

If you are interested please contact Bob Podesta at Ubiquitousb7@gmail.com as he is coordinating a group who want to take the course.

Currently they need 2 more people for a minimum group of 6 for Sept class. Bob will be away until June 6 but will be resuming the drive for class participants upon his return. 

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Ladner Marsh Trip Report - May 21, 2017

Ladner Marsh Trip Report - May 21, 2017

It was a gorgeous sunny day, something we haven’t had for a while so everyone was eager to get on the water. The trip leader was April W. and the paddlers were Pam F., Mike D., Suzanna H., John G. and 2 new members Christine McG. and Bruce M. and a potential new member, James O.  That gave us 4 tandem canoes.  Mike D. is known to always arrive ahead of the meeting time, but this time it looked like he would be the last to arrive.  Everyone else was there.  Turned out he had been using his cell phone to phone April to tell her that he was on his way, and not to leave without him, and he got caught by the police for using his cell phone while driving!!!  So he was a bit late but got no ticket.  The officer checked his driving record, which was clean, and gave him a warning this time.  Yahoo!  Saved close to $400.00 on that!

We launched at Wellington Park in Ladner and our take out was Deas Island Regional Park.  We were paddling upriver because we launched just after the tide had turned to come in, and we wanted to take advantage of the tidal push upriver which would be slightly more than the natural downriver current.  It was hot and no shade because it is flat, marsh land – lots of grasses growing on muddy river banks, no trees along the bank.  We had our lunch rafted together because the muddy bank would have swallowed us up to who knows where if we had stepped out of the canoe.  However all that mud did lead James to tell a tale about a Italian man named Canneloni Riosotto who  arrived in the Ladner marshes around 1600 and thought the Fraser River flowing around the river islands looked so much like Venice with its canals that he build a city on the Ladner marshes to rival any port city in Europe.  Sadly the city did not survive the persistent silting action of the Fraser and is now buried beneath many meters of mud.  Bruce also told us about how recent discoveries have been made that the Chinese sailed their junks across the Pacific, around the tip of South America and into the Mediterranean Sea as early as 1421-1428!  Now that is before Columbus got to America.  Bruce’s source was some newly  published marine archeology research.  James ‘ source was ?

We saw herons, a pair of swans, Canada geese and Bruce and Christine reported seeing a white sturgeon just breaking the surface of the water.  

After lunch we took up our paddles, applied more sun screen and paddled onward.  We watched an enormous empty freighter, the type that looks like a monstrous shoe box, go up the main south arm of the Fraser, heading up to one of the loading terminals.  We were a good mile away but felt  VERY small in our canoes.  It wasn’t  just hot now, but becoming muggy and we were glad to land at the park’s beach and get out and stretch our legs and find some shade.  

We all had a great day together.  I would recommend that some of our new club members consider joining a “day” paddle – it is a great opportunity for current and new members to get to know one another better and share “amazing” stories…

Pam Farish

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Washington Rivers Week - July 22 to 28

Expression of Interest for Washington week of rivers Grades 2 and 3 July 22 - 28 Wenatchee, Warm, Wet Wild Washington Waters Contact Dave W at westell@shaw.ca

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Newcastle Island Family Camp - August 2017

Newcastle Island Family Camp - August 2017

August 19 – 20 – 21

Leave your car behind, and canoe to this unique Marine Park, just a 20 minute paddle from Departure Bay Terminal.  Spend a family weekend at the Group Camp picnicking under the arbutus trees, combing the beaches and exploring the coastline of the Salish Sea.  Register now.  For more information, email Dave W at westell@shaw.ca

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Paddler's Wanted: Ladner Marsh - June 10

Paddler's Wanted: Ladner Marsh - June 10

We would like to invite Beaver Club members to a trip through Ladner Marsh with our Family.

Date: Saturday, June 10th, 2017
Location: Ladner Boat Launch
Time: 9am to 3pm-ish
Lunch in Ladner Village

If we get enough people we could to a shuttle from Canoe Pass by the float homes.

Contact Ryan George at 604-644-2954 via phone or text.
Or email at mr.ryan.c.george@icloud.com.


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Mohawk XL15 Solo or Tandem Whitewater Canoe - FOR SALE

We have a Mohawk XL15 solo/tandem whitewater canoe that we would like to sell.  It has bow and stern seats as well as being equipped with a saddle and has flotation bags.  I bought it originally (used) back in about 1990 for something like $1200-$1500.  

We need to reduce our collection of boats and would like to find a good home for it.  Reasonable offers considered.  Also we are soft touches….  We didn’t use it much.  It was bought for my husband to do solo whitewater after I was injured and couldn’t partner with him any more. 

Trudi and Richard Smith

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For rent: Old Town Tripper

Royalex with full spray skirt and wilderness repair kit. Week + trips only.

Contact: Carey@CanoeBC.ca

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News Editor Report - June 2017

Well if you're reading this that means the website and newsletter are doing their job. We've all been busy beavers (ahem) improving the website to keep you up-to-date with club trips, trip reports and the latest canoe adventures.

Some new features you may not know are:

• Sharing Stories
Above each story are grey icons that allow you to share the story via Email, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest among many others! So if you see a story you like... SHARE IT!

• Adding Stories
As a member you can add stories, items for sale, items wanted, trip reports, or non-club trips. Of course it will have to be approved. Just login and go to For Members > Post News, Ad, Trip Report, or Non-Club Trip.

• Events in Month View
Events are in Month View and printable in Month View. Check out June, print it off and stick on your fridge... Just don't forget to check the site for any updates.

If you have any questions regarding posting to the website or website improvements, please email me Ryan George at editor@beavercanoeclub.org.

Now shut off your computer and get outside!

~ Nature. It's cheaper than therapy.

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Mamquam River

Beginners Weekend! Fun practice river paddling with the guidance of experienced paddlers. Put your new skills to work and have a great time!

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River of Golden Dreams

Easy but fun creek in Whistler.

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False Creek

Paddle around False Creek. Put in at the dock behind the False Creek Community Centre and enjoy the sights and sounds of Vancouver from a different perspective!

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Alouette Lake

Paddle from Boatlaunch to a warm sunny south facing sandy beach.

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The Broken Islands

The Broken Group is a group of small uninhabited islands and islets in the middle of Barkley Sound off the West Coast of Vancouver Island.  Join your host Dave Westell as he leads you through an unforgettable tour of one of British Columbia's premier saltwater paddling destinations!  See lots of marine wildlife such as seals, porpoises, sea stars!  Planing is now underway for this week-long ocean canoe camping trip of a lifetime off Vancouver Island’s West Coast.  If you are thinking of coming and have not hopped aboard, please call or email on or before before May 1st.

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Rivers & Lakes Week

A 10 day paddling extravaganza! You cannot beat this trip for paddling fun!  A great place for new paddlers to learn, and experienced paddlers to hone their skills.  Enjoy paddling lakes as well as the Nicola, Coldwater, Spius Creek, Similkameen or Tulameen Rivers with your fellow club members. Rivers are grade I-III. Based near Merritt, then Princeton. 

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