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Rivers and Lakes Week: Jun 25-Jul 3, 2016

Washington Rivers Week (not a club event) July 7-15, call Dave K (604) 434 5921

Club Picnic - July 23


Bowron Lakes: Aug 14-21, 2016 (email Dave W)

  • Jeff Rabinovitch on Trip Leader AdvisoryChilliwack River trip is on this Saturday. Contact Jeff R.

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No meetings in July or August - too much paddling to do!
Sept 14, 7:45 p.m.


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  • Jeff Rabinovitch on Trip Leader AdvisoryChilliwack River trip is on this Saturday. Contact Jeff R.
  • CRaines on All CommentsHi! Trying to figure out an effective way of getting info about upcoming trips. I would have liked to do the Alouette River one, but I'd have to rent a canoe so it seems a bit last minute. Plus - I'm not sure if it's going ahead, where the start & end points are, or what time it would be. Also, I'm super interested in doing the Steveston one, and hoping someone will lead it. I didn't grow up in the Lower Mainland, so I am not as familiar with all these areas, but I do know where Garry Point...
  • Pat Yarnell on Share Your ThoughtsGreat to see our friends - parenting & paddling - at the Nicola. Quite a few long-timers; a few regulars absent and missed though; never enough new, young faces; but some good paddling and leadership by some newish, youngish members was nice to see! Enjoyed getting back on the Lower Nicola! Thanks so much for the boat Skyler/Carey/Phil! Cheers, Pat. p.s. I'd write an actual trip report, but I'm not sure where they go (newsletter, website, other?). It doesn't look like there are many submitted these days (unless I don't look in the right spots?), so maybe it's no longer...
  • Rick Bryan on Share Your ThoughtsHey Beaver friends! A reminder -- Blackfly rep Chris Loomis is coming to Vancouver on August 5-6 with a trailer-load of boats for demo. Any plans? I don't see it on the calendar page (?) It's been mentioned on PaddleNet, but not sure anyone's picked up the ball yet.
  • David on Share Your ThoughtsHi Rick, Carey's the contact, I think. I'm hoping for Nicola too. Watching levels. Going down fast. Maybe the Douglas Lake run will be right. Who knows? still watching.
  • David on Share Your ThoughtsHi Bill, very low is a good level. You put in on Elaho a few metres up from confluence and then paddle into Squamish R. Very fast. You go over a set of ledges in 1st km - I think this is called Steamroller, gr 3. Lots of gr 2 following and gets progressively easier. Water opaque, so cannot see rocks or wood if submerged. Lots of wood all the way. Be careful. Very long trip to Ashlu. Numbered signs are _miles_ - 26 I think. Long day. Wish I was going. - David
  • Bill More on Share Your ThoughtsHi. Has anyone paddled the upper Squamish R. from the confluence with the Elaho R. to the Ashlu R. bridge? Any info you can provide on class, hazards, best water level etc. would be appreciated.Thanks Bill
  • Rick Bryan on Share Your ThoughtsHey Mainland Beavers! I keep watching the webpage, hoping the May-Long on the Nicola would be IN for this year. Any news? It's on my calendar! Hope to paddle wit y'all soon.
  • PHil Rankin on Share Your ThoughtsApril 22, 2016 from Phil Rankin I was asked by the Beaver Executive to try to get access to the Stairs on Seymour River at Pool 88 which is usually closed off from May-October and in the past the club had a key which was removed last year 2015 and nothing was put into place to gain access. As of today the new system looks like: Hi Phil, per our phone discussion. Park Rangers will open gate for kayakers when they have a request to access River. We will not be able to go back and forth during a day...
  • April on Widgeon Creek 2016David, you can ride "King" in our canoe anytime!
  • Jeff Rabinovitch on All CommentsDoes anybody know who's leading the Chilliwack trip this Sunday, March 27?
  • Bill More on Columbia River WetlandsColumbia River Wetlands. We launched at the town of Radium and came off the river at Columbia Wetland Adventures south of Golden. We used NTS 1:50,000 Map Numbers 82 K/9, 82 K/16 and 82 N/2. I will be attending the paddle conference and can bring these maps if you would like to borrow them.
  • April Watson on Share Your ThoughtsLooking forward to it! Will call David
  • Christine Lambert on Share Your ThoughtsWidgeon Creek Trip on Sunday 20 March 2016, will now be led by David Middleton. So far we have 3 boats, so the trip is a go. BUT the trip is weather dependent, so please contact David, so he has your phone number in case trip is changed due to weather. Cheers, Christine.
  • Christine Lambert on Share Your ThoughtsIt's time for That Great Gear Hunt, aka First Club Trip of 2016!. Do you know where your paddle gloves are, and your rain gear, and do you remember how to self rescue?? Sunday 20 March, 10am, Widgeon Creek, usual launch spot. Plan for a long day, bring lotsa food to keep yr energy up, as tides are against us (aka pushing us in the wrong direction, both coming & going!!) so lotsa paddle exercise! RSVP by Wednesday evening, if insufficient rsvp the trip is cancelled. Cheers, Christine L.
  • Roger Vermeulen (from the mill in Dutch, not vermillion) on Broken and Deer Group IslandsHi Jeff, KJ. Absolutely beautiful trip. Very informative description and many thanks for that. I am amazed at the distances you paddled on some days.
  • Greta on Columbia River Wetlandsand thanks so much for sharing your story! it is surprisingly hard to find information on overnight paddle trips on the Columbia River :)
  • Greta on Columbia River Wetlandscan I ask which topo maps you used? thanks!
  • Suzanna Huebsch on Alouette LakeI'm getting a bit worried--Pam is hearing herself talk to April in her sleep?!
  • KJ Hills on Alouette LakeGreat write-up on Alouette Lake, Pam! Glad I was there to enjoy the flat-water paddling, the warm fall sunshine and the good company of fellow paddlers.
  • Heathir Naesgaard on Brian Otter MemorialThank you Brian for your legacy of humor, patience, kindness, preparedness and education that you embodied in your philosophy: Life is Good! What an inspiration you have been and will continue to be to all of us fortunate enough to meet you.. Now is your time to rest. Heathir
  • Carol Thorbes on Brian Otter MemorialHi Karyn: I can't express in words what a beautiful, lively, witty, intelligent, inspiring human, paddler and spirit Brian was to me. Even though in these last few years I've been less connected with the Beaver Canoe Club, I will always remember Brian as the paddler who brought out the real paddler in me. His encouragement, warmth and coaching were key to igniting my passion for paddling, which is now primarily devoted to kayaking. My partner Bazz and I are looking forward to seeing you on Sunday. Much warmth, Carol
  • Wade Gibbons on Brian Otter MemorialHi Karyn, I am very sad to hear about Brian. For a variety of reasons I have not been able to participate in many Beaver events since the Intro to Moving Water class in June, but I very much appreciated my chats with Brian and his ability (and yours) to make new members like me feel welcome and part of the group. My thoughts are with you and others who knew Brian better than myself, and I am thankful to have had a chance to meet him and experience his gentle kindness. Take care, Wade Gibbons
  • Julie & Chris Kovach on Brian Otter MemorialHi Karyn, We were sorry to learn of Brian's passing recently and send our condolences. He was a big part of the club and we always enjoyed chatting with him and viewing the many photos that he took of members on club outings. Unfortunately, we will not be in town to attend the memorial. I will be up North and Chris has a paddling trip planned in the Interior for his birthday which falls on the same day. Again, we are sorry for your loss and hope that you take comfort in the company of others at this time. Take...
  • Marv on Broken and Deer Group IslandsAmazing trip. You guys are so blessed and thanks for sharing. The writing is exquisite and the photos and videos add necessary color. See you soon. Marv
  • Marie Bremner on Broken and Deer Group IslandsGreat write-up and photos - looks like a really memorable trip
  • Leigh Burton on Columbia River WetlandsThis sounds like a lovely trip. Thanks for all the information. It will be useful for those of us curious to explore this.
  • Bryan Gormann on Cheakamus RiverWatch the video of our trip on the Cheakamus ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRLhVwylp2Y).
  • Katherine McManus on River of Golden DreamsInformation about who named the river and why it is named the River of Golden Dreams is at the park where we put-in. There are a couple small buildings and a sheltered walking trail to the south of where we parked and a story about the name of the river is inscribed near one of the buildings. It's a love story, if memory serves, but more than that I cannot recall. Kathy
  • phil rankin on Share Your Thoughtsbrambles bakery in Merritt fabulous its on a side street but right downtown
  • Suzanna Huebsch on Mamquam RiverThanks so much BCC members for providing an opportunity for us newbies to hone our skills in a safe environment. Everyone was so friendly and patient. We even got to practise some rope throwing. Being able to follow in the footsteps of an expert boat (Karyn and Brian) on the second day down the river was really useful for improving our understanding of why and when you do a particular stroke/activity. We improved so much in those two days and increased our confidence in being able to eventually "do this".
  • Suzanna Huebsch on Intro to Moving WaterGoing from paddling in a lake to paddling on a river is a whole different ballgame! It became very clear very quickly how important it is to know your basic paddler strokes. Thanks to all the instructors for being so supportive during the day.
  • Jim Slade on Fraser Foreshore Park to Fraser ParkGreat write-up Gary! On this gentle paddle, as no-one dumped and thus by traditional default write the report, the trip's leader was glad when a new BCC member stepped up to provide a descriptive account of the day's adventures. Thanks again Gary!
  • Jeff Rabinovitch on Share Your ThoughtsPat, so glad we had the good fortune to paddle with you and Tannis!
  • Pat on Share Your ThoughtsLove the Saturday trips on the schedule! Allows us to take the family camping in the area for the weekend, and then join the club trip on Sat as part of our weekend (i.e., without interfering with Fri arrival and Sun take-down). Cheers, Pat & Tanis. (Thanks Aunty K for coming camping and babysitting!!)
  • KJ Hills on Share Your ThoughtsJust guessing this canoe-docking technique may may not be sanctioned by the BCC, Gerry, but it's pretty funny. Which guy are you?
  • Gerry Giroux on Share Your ThoughtsHow to dock a canoe - solo: http://i.imgur.com/ufFtYvU.gifv So there ya go.
  • Katherine on Share Your ThoughtsThe last monthly meeting was informative and useful since much of it applied to camping as well as canoeing. Each segment offered tips and techniques we can use. It was a nice balance to have a meeting with practical information interspersed with the meetings featuring thrilling trip presentations. The trip presentations always leave me with the hope of going on a long multi-day trip, but the process of planning for one seems daunting. Maybe one monthly meeting could be devoted to breaking that process down so we could see how to plan for one.
  • KJ Hills on Share Your ThoughtsWelcome to new BCC members! It was wonderful to see new faces at the Basic Paddlers’ first day on the water last weekend. Be sure to admire yourselves in photos on the website. Looking forward to seeing you IN the water next Saturday!
  • Don Barthel on Seymour River"and unchanged by the new Alligator Lake" - is this the new lake created by the rock slide below Twin Bridges? If so, what is the basis for the name? Just askin'...
  • David on Share Your ThoughtsPitt Meadows Paddling Club is missing a red Coleman canoe: Registration # CP224151F999 and also 595T-723. See the PMPC Facebook Page. If you see it, please contact Rick Hammer at PMPC: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pitt-Meadows-Paddling-Club/222587721086687 David
  • R Howard on Share Your ThoughtsGreat website now and thank you Beavers for whoever connected the upper seymour with the club. I was able to paddle it at 4.5 last week and had a tremendous experience. Without this type of connection to Metro Vancouvers area, that experience would never have happened. I will continue to support this club in the future!
  • Brian Otter on Share Your ThoughtsThe mystery photo in Beaver Tales is probably not from the lower mainland - because it is raining. It is probably not from the Nicola because there are trees. It is not Costa Rica because there are no monkeys.
  • KJ Hills on Share Your ThoughtsI really enjoyed reading the Beaver Tales in its new format. It's crisp, colorful, and so easy to read, especially on my smart phone. Well done.
  • Carey@CanoeBC.ca on Share Your ThoughtsSometimes the Seymour is too high. Global News: "Rescue crews help woman who overturned her canoe in Seymour River"
  • cthorbes@gmail.com on Share Your ThoughtsSorry Rick didn't get back about the Cowichan when it was running well..is it still up? I'm bogged down with work as usual and watching money...almost paid off line of credit. Want it to be gone this year. But please keep me posted on any runs coming up between now and June. Hope to get over and join you on something. Bazz may come too.
  • cthorbes@gmail.com on Share Your ThoughtsBazz and I were there Friday night..incredible stuff...lots of white water films. The Stikine River and one in Fuji really stood out...would love to see the club put together a trip to the Fuji one..out of this world.
  • cthorbes@gmail.com on Share Your ThoughtsWhen the Upper Seymour is at a level you like, if you like to tandem paddle, I'd like to be in your bow. I'm a strong bow canoeist in tandem, strong solo canoeist and strong solo kayaker. Please email if you'd like to partner in your boat or rent one together. That applies to other rivers too..but I'm keen to run the Upper Seymour.
  • David on Share Your ThoughtsThe Reel Paddling Film Festival is coming to Langara College this Fri, Mar 27. The Sea Kayaking Association of BC, who are hosting it, have offered a discount if several people go. So if you are thinking of going, please post here or email me allanmary@shaw.ca just to see if we can get enough people for a discount. But even if there is one person, I would be interested to know because I could make sure you get a poster and some cards to tell people about our club before the show and at intermission. David
  • John Lawless on Share Your ThoughtsThe River of No Return - your must see film shot in Banff, Jasper and on the Salmon River in '54. Robert's drunk and Marilyn is semi clothed. The mountain scenery is magnificent. There's a girl who can run a rapid!!!! See white water action before drysuits. And those Injuns!!!! You gotta see this to believe it (on Netflix)! **** 1/2
  • Rick Bryan on Share Your ThoughtsBeavers aren't found only on the mainland -- they also abound on Vancouver Island (Castor VanIsle-ensis). Mainlanders are always welcome to ferry across the Big Ditch, and join their Island counterparts for some river-bashing.
  • Jeff Rabinovitch on Share Your ThoughtsYou've been invited. Check your email.
  • Gisela escher on Share Your ThoughtsHi, I am trying post on the Beaver canoe club facebook page but need to be invited. Who can I contact ?
  • Leigh on Mamquam RiverI wonder what it will look like in May? Leigh
  • KJ on Share Your ThoughtsLove the new website! The pictures are wonderful , and the site is easy to navigate through. Great job.
  • Dan McGinnis on Share Your ThoughtsHey Jeff and company Great job on the new website. It is clean, comprehensive and easy to navigate. Kudos to everyone involved. This is a big step forward. Dan
  • KJ on Wilderness Survival, March 11, 2015This evening looks informative and fun. Can't wait!
  • Karyn Lippincott on Mamquam RiverI like your write up.
  • Jeff Rabinovitch on Seymour RiverLooks like fun.