The author wishes to remain anonymous.

On May 27, 2017 a group of Beavers decided to paddle the Upper Seymour and arranged to meet at the gate at / am. The group Carey, Alain James, Jenny, Flynn, Denise and Phil and anonymous put in below the dam. The paddle started off splendidly but it was short lived

Not long into the first drop, anonymous dumped, and was re-entered using the classic canoe over canoe rescue we went. Before too long there were two further dumps by anonymous. By this time anonymous boat had a large crack and was letting in water. With pumps on full, tilted to the side to keep out water, anonymous stopped at the lunch spot at first bridge.

By this time anonymous was feeling rather banged up. Later he would learn not only did his boat crack; but so did his ribs. No problem with the leaking boat, Denise had “gorilla tape” which Carey ingeniously used to stop the boat leaking. Not so much could be done for anonymous whose ribs were just beginning to plead for him to stop.

Not wanting to wait at the lunch spot anonymous soldiered on and although the drops got steeper and the water rose except for one more dump anonymous made it. I should say it was a great day for everyone else.

Later anonymous would not laugh it off, as one cant laugh with cracked ribs, one can’t sneeze with cracked ribs in fact one can’t breathe well with and it turns out one can’t lie down either.

With a little help from everyone else Carey took anonymous’s boat to fix and anonymous took himself home via Einer place to borrow a body rap. The doctor later says”. ..who cares if ribs are broken unless they puncture an organ or just bruised it’s the same rest and wait. It takes 6 weeks if cracked 2 weeks if bruise and a lifetime to get over the humiliation and so anonymous waits for Rivers week with anticipation and with the firm belief that practice doesn’t make him perfect.

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