President Message

It’s November. The official paddling season is over, and many of us are now into pick up trips, a little colder, wetter, less regular, but just as much fun. A pickup trip? Maybe there’s one Nov 26th. I think I saw an invite here in this newsletter.

It’s almost December. MEC is hosting a club night for us again. 10% off. Dec 1st. Just before Christmas. Think there’s an invite for that in this newsletter as well. If you want to go, RSVP to Christine.

January’s coming soon too. January, when we elect a new executive. Some of us will stay on, of course, and some of us will step back to let others participate. On the website there’s a list of ten us, and of what we do. We do it to be more involved in the club. A few of us have special skills to share, and we’re all still acquiring new skills. If you want to ask about it what’s involved, you can call me, or any of the others.

It’s November, 2016. We’ve been doing this for forty years. Beavers I mean. Paddling. Padding as a club for forty years. Paddling as a club doing three things. Paddling, training, and enjoying friendships. Everything else has come out of that. Weekly trips for eight months of the year, holiday campouts. paddling lessons and rescue practice, Rivers Week, picnics, pot lucks, pig roasts, slide shows, parties and dinners, and all along, a milieu of highly skilled, enthusiastic and motivated people.

Parties and dinners. It’s had different names over forty years. Christmas Dance, Whine and Cheese, End of Year Party, Awards Dinner. Awards Dinner – there will be awards. Dumping Award, for the one who increased her skills by pushing herself beyond them. Gearbasher, for the one who bet his equipment on a fancy move and lost. Eager Beaver, for the person who stood out as this year’s enthusiastic participant. And there will be others.

There will be a slide show recapping the year, a photo contest, and a free membership randomly awarded to a trip leader and a newsletter contributor. There will be door prizes. And if you wanted one of our unique anniversary toques, we have a few left for sale.

Did I mention our Awards Dinner? Our fortieth? It’s a special one. A ruby Jubilee. It’s a little early this year. November 19th. It’s in Burnaby, where our canoe club began. Tickets are still for sale on the website. When is it? Saturday November 19th, in Burnaby.


Dave Westel
Beaver Canoe Club

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