Upper Chilliwack River, Aug 9 2020

Who was there: Jaylene, Ian, James, Jenny, Kara, Carey, Dave, Christine, Leigh, Jiri, Phil, Mark, Colleen, Graham, Simon.

We met at the Tamihi Bridge to run the upper Chilliwack, putting in at Slesse and running the official Beaver trip to just before Tamihi. A few paddlers decided to do Tamihi on their own afterwards.

The trip was full of action. Upper Chilliwack had lots of rocks and was challenging! I heard that a few rocks jumped out at the boats. I believe we had 10 or 11 dumps this trip. We lost a paddle on our first, and Carey was nice enough to grab it for us without wanting anything in return. I felt a lot of kindness from many of the Beavers this trip. A challenging day, but full of support when you needed it the most.

It was a sunny day, and we had a casual lunch enjoying the river and mountain views. Mt. Slesse was looking particularly beautiful. A few people hiked up to the waterfall at lunch, also quite pretty. The rafters were having lunch at the same spot.

We scouted the final rapid, Trailer Park. After heavy swims Ian and I elected to line this one, but the rest of the Beavers ran it in style, with a roll and a tip or two.

As I came to realize later, this trip was an incredible learning experience.

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