Trip report: SUMAS RIVER – August 16 2020 Ben G

Ten of us on the trip: Ben, Sophia, Rebecca, Riley, Dave, Karim, Mike, Carey, Ian and Jaylene

On the hottest weekend of the summer we set out at 10 AM from the dam between The Sumas’ terminus and the Vedder. We met up at Huge park on Cole road. Carey suggested coming down from the upper river was likely a no go with water up there likely inadequate. So we shuttled downstream taking south parallel road to  number 3 road then crossed over to north parallel and continued northeast until the dam

There, a staircase leddown from the road and to grassy area where numerous anglers were sitting in chairs under umbrellas and casting floats with bait.

We launched and headed what would be upstream and found shelter under the big cottonwoods and brambles growing jungle like along the river right bank. Ian and Jaylin led the way and set a good pace for the group. We passed byMaDonald park in les sthan an hour and decided to carry on before lunch. Sometimes we were four canoes abreast going down the channel, bow waves curling  side by side. 

There were numerous heron all the way along our trip and swallows picking off insects or harassing the also numerous Osprey.

Lunch was delightful except for the rapid fire sound of the Abbotsford fish and game club shooting range close by, just down stream of the McDermitt Rd bridge.. But we had the treat of watching an Osprey plunge from the sky and pick a trout out of the river.

There’s a warning on water quality where we stopped for lunch and this wasn’t surprising given the somewhat fetid smell which accompanied us for most of the first hour likely from the surrounding agricultural practices. Despite that, the paddle was a pleasant day trip for all of us. By mid afternoon we were all loaded up again and headed our separate ways.

Ben G

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