Thursday April 19, 2018 Nicomekl River trip by Pam Farish

Gord B. was the trip leader for this paddle. He paddled with a friend, Wanda, and Pam F. paddled one of Gord’s tandem canoes as a “solo” paddler.  A first for Pam to paddle solo. However she did not “swim” but did agree to write this report.  We launched just up river of the Nicomekl River sea dam and paddled up river for about 1.5 hours.  Stopped for lunch on the river bank.  Weather was   overcast but warm. Tide was  going out when it came time to paddle down river so we made good time, found the sea dam gates open, so kept going.  We took out at the Stewart Farm park.  The tide was still dropping; it was so low that catamarans moored at that dock still had some water but not enough and were aground and tipping at odd angles! And exposed oyster beds were everywhere.  The boat launch ramp was not useable because of the low tide. Had to be real careful to get the boats pulled up onto the dock without scraping the hulls  on the oyster shells. As we did not take out at our launch point, Gord and Pam had a short  walk to get back to their cars at the sea dam.  This was a lovely, easy going day, enjoyed  paddling a quiet, flat river through farm country.  Those of you who are free on a Thursday, should consider joining Gord on a one of these trips.  Check the trips page, they happen every second Thursday, next one is Thursday May 3.

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