The Chilliwack – August 2016

A small group of us paddled the Chilliwack from Allison Pools down to the top of the Tamihi Rapids. Although water levels were low at 9.5 cms, bumpy sections were pretty scarce and the hot weather made for an enjoyable day.
5 boats in total, 3 tandems and 2 solos. Jeff and KJ led the way dishing out tons of advice and encouragement for us newbies.
While scoping out a medium sized drop we were entertained by a tour group of 4-5 large rafts trying to navigate their way through. One of which toppled sending all 10 or so rafters into the drink. Although we ourselves were to dump at a later stage (hence we’re writing the trip report).
Once we hit the trailer park rapids Kristina, Leigh and myself opted to line our boat down. Jeff and KJ, James and Jennie, and young confident solo paddler Finn tackled the rapids while the rest of us looked on from shore. Once past, it was relaxing padding all the way until the top of the Tamihi Rapids.
Thanks to Jeff for organizing a great day of paddling!

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