Skagit River Paddle Jan 5, 2019

It was as early start for all as we needed to reach our marshaling point at Rockport WA by 1030. Its about 2 hours plus a border crossing so 7-8 am departures were  the average. Most of us were able to get through the border “rapids” without any problem but one set of travelers were called into the “eddy” for a “boat” inspection (fortunately no rubber gloves required). The trip was a joint venture with the Paddle Trails Canoe Club from Washington State; it was their eagle watching trip and they had 20-25 people in canoes, a couple rafts and a kayak. The Beaver Club was represented by 8 paddlers in 5 boats, Dave W and Clive , Leigh B and Anya, Andrew M, Mike D, and Bob P and Carole P. After sorting out various delays we launched on a beautiful clear, swift current with no rain at Marblemount WA. The temperature was cool but manageable while the scenery was predictably outstanding.

We immediately began seeing eagles perched along the river and an estimated 33 were spotted that day. There was a wide flat spot where we stopped for lunch and had a chance to meet more of the Paddle Trails group. I think everyone would agree they are a very friendly lot despite their worries of the Canadian paddlers always coming down to the their spring paddle event and winning many of the event prizes…

The 3 hour run ended in Rockport WA with and easy shuttle back to the vehicles. We were invited to dinner with our US counterparts so we drove to Burlington where we feasted on Mexican food at the Mi Mexico restaurant. A long table of more than 20 people enjoyed terrific conversation and company. It was a very nice trip and a fun time. Check out the pics!

Skagit River Eagle Paddle Jan 2019_Medium.mp4

Thanks again to Dave W. and his contacts for the trip.


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