Seymour River – 7th April, 2018

So there we all were a, baking hot summer-like morning, about to get on the Seymour for a refreshing little pootle-paddle…   And then I woke up.
April, cold and damp.  But hey, we were still going down the Seymour – so it was still a good day.
The intrepid paddlers included – Denise(trip leaderoo, solo), Einer (solo), Marlene (solo), Dan (kayak), Greg (solo), Scott (solo) and myself (Jill-Lee-Poisson) and Paddy (tandeming in our recently acquired Caption, Laa-Laa, thanks to Ken & Kate).
A sneaky “shuttle-plan” left Paddy & Scott loading most the boats down the steep sloped access, while we moved the cars around.
A quick reminder of names and signals (some of us hadn’t river-tripped since last summer!) a couple of photo’s and time to hop in the boats.  Started off just dandy.  It was damp & drizzly and the river was rising (was a #4 on the rock earlier that morning), but it was a perfect level.
So after a bit of practicing off we all set.  All going well,  Loverrrrly. Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy.   
Bouncy, bouncy, ooops, splosh-splash.  And there we were, holding canoe & paddles and bouncing down the river on our bums.  A few hours later (minutes – just felt like hours) we got to the side with some help from Denise, recovered and reloaded ourselves.  Meanwhile, there’s a flash of lightening and a loud close-by clap of thunder, perfect setting for a scary movie.
The group speeds on down the river and there’s lots of fun and bouncing water, but plenty of break-outs too.  Scott took pity on us and decided to do some underwater exploring too – what a good sport to do that for us!  
A couple of lovely wave-trains and suddenly its over and time to pull out below the railway bridge.  Everyone grinning, it was a good value, fun paddle.
Then off to the pub for a warm-up and a royal visit from Claude who “happened to be” in the area and spotted the cars outside the pub.
Thanks to all for a great day, and Denise for organizing us!


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