Rivers Week Trip Report – Lower Tulameen River

On another beautiful day with great water level, the crew below set off on a trip down the lower Tulameen. We launched at the Granite City campground and came off the river in the residential area of Princeton.

The Crew:

  • Paddy & Jill
  • Scott & Greg
  • Anne & Alain
  • Bernard
  • Bill
  • Carey
  • Phil
  • Gerry

We had three tandems and 5 solos.

As usual Paddy & Jill and Anne & Alain had the perfect runs, no swims. How boring!

Gerry and his paddle had a fight with a rock, which it appears Gerry lost! Although there were rumours that Marie finally popped him one.

Bill and Phil each had one surfing induced swim which of course doesn’t count.

Bernard had four swims, apparently all as a result of attempted surfing? Bernard was as usual exhibiting his no holds barred go for it attitude!

Scott and Greg got the gold medal for swimming with five dunking’s. In all fairness three were while surfing. Someone, no names to be mentioned, got in a full on two handed gunnel grab!

Carey had yet another clean run.

There were many sections with lots of boulders and eddies to play in. All sections were run by everyone except the House Rock Rapids and Tulameen Falls. House Rock Rapids were run by Gerry, Carey and Anne and Alaine. The rest of us were given a lesson in running Grade 3 rapids. We put in below the falls by lowering the boats and paddlers down a steep bank with ropes.

There was some confusion about the portage and the paddlers who didn’t run House Rock rapids did the “mother of all potages” from above House Rock rapids through the tunnel to below the falls.

A great day was had by all. This was one of the highlight trips of the week. Thanks for leading Carey.

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