Rivers Week-Day One -Similkameen, Blowdown to Pasayton River camp

Rivers week 2017, day one
Upper Similkameen, a super run
It was a beautiful day for a paddle
Solo, tandem, seat or saddle
All ten of us had lots of fun.
The water was bubbly and clear
And we paddled along in good cheer
The sun it was blazing
The company… amazing
And at the end, a lovely cold can of beer
It was mostly grade one
A paddle along in the sun
But with sweepers & log jams so tall
We had to portage and haul
And keeps our wits until we were done
Those log-jams were “stunning”
With no chance of us running
Throw line practice was got
There was lining, quite a lot
And some crossing techniques were quite cunning*
The setting was ever so pretty
And we were a long way away from the city
The surfers did brill
And showed off their skill
For those that missed it… a pity.
* with a special “mystery line attachment” technique employed by Carey.
Many thanks to Carey for being trip leader, to Ann and Alain for leading us “through the valley of death” (or “astray”, or whatever!) and to other paddlers as well – Trish, Bernard, Jen, Tina and Greg – for giving Paddy and I such a great day out and introduction to Rivers Week.

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