Presidents Message – January 2017

Hello Beavers.

It’s February, now less than two months before the official paddling season.  Guess you’re wondering where is the new trips schedule?   Ramsay, I think, is working on it right now.   But he needs your help.  He’s looking for ideas and for people who will help make the trips happen.  He needs people to lead the trips, or even just to be the trip contact.  Want to suggest a trip?  Lead it?  Be the go-to person?  Email Ramsay at

At February’s meeting, we’ll have a couple of questions to resolve.  The first is a formal resolution.  You’ll find the notice of motion spelled out on our web page.  We want your permission to donate $100 to the Nicola Valley Rod and Gun Club.  Why?  The Nicola Valley is special to us.  We paddle there in the spring and summer every year. The Rod and Gun Club is about the outdoors, much like ourselves.  Currently, the Nicola Valley Rod and Gun Club is court, fighting for the public’s right to get to a favoured fishing spot.  Seems the road to the water goes through a ranch, and the rancher wants to claim the road and the water as their own.  Public access to water resonated with us.  We think it is a cause we can support.  In a small way, we are hoping our $100 gift will demonstrate this support, and let the community know we are contributors.  At February’s meeting, we will be asking your permission to proceed with t his donation and we recommend that you vote yes.

The second question is less formal.  We’ve been meeting at 7:45 for a long time.  I don’t remember ever asking our members how we would feel about meeting a little earlier.  Maybe 7:00 pm?   It might work better, it might not.  We want to get your thoughts.

The second half of our meeting is for the Gunwale Grub Throwdown.  What on earth or water is a gunwale grub?  Why would you throw it down?  Don’t worry, it’s not a vermin chewing down on your canoe.  It’s a contest.  A recipe and cooking contest.  A specialty food contest for a group of connoisseurs with specialized needs.  Canoeing connoisseurs who need their food to be preservable, portable, easy to prepare in the field, and of course, palatable.  It really is a specialty skill, and we are the experts.  On February 8th, you’ll get a chance to sample the food as knowledge competes with experience, and wisdom with ingenuity.  Hope you’re hungry.

Thank-you all Beaver Executive who decided to volunteer again this year, and welcome to new members John Gardner and Mark Alexander.  Thank-you outgoing volunteers Leigh and Denise, and thank-you Dave Middleton for taking minutes at our AGM.

Looking forward to a great February and a great year.

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