Presidents Message – December 2016

Thanks April for putting together our 40th anniversary ruby jubilee awards dinner.  It was a great event, befitting our great club.

Welcome to a new year.  It’s our 41st.  It’s Canada’s 125th.  There’s going to be a whole lot of canoeing going on.

We meet again soon, on January 11th.  It’s our Annual General Meeting – the official one for an official Society.

We need to vote on a budget so that we’re allowed to spend money.  It looks a lot like previous budgets, but we need a vote to make it okay.  You’ll see it written out in this newsletter.  Thanks Denise for preparing it.

A well, there is a motion to change the way we reimburse instructors for the cost they pay when they of recertify.  Details of this motion are also in the newsletter.  Thanks, Carey, for preparing it.

And we need to elect a new Executive.  Thankfully, some are willing to stay on, and some have come forward to volunteer their time and skills.  But if you’re interested in helping your Club a little more, we want you too!  Positions are listed in the newsletter.  If you think you may want to try out a position on the executive, call me or any of us, and we can fill you in on what’s involved.

Dave W

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