Nicomen Slough Trip Report May 2017

We all heard the rain pouring down during the early morning hours and set expectations accordingly for the day. As we met to set up the shuttle our mood was optimistic as the skies were overcast but it was a comfortable 12 degrees and not raining despite a forecast calling for light rain all day.  The group included Mike and Rose, Margret and Monica, Patricia and Guy, Harry and Pam, and myself in a solo boat. 

The water was high in the slough making the launch spot very narrow but everyone got out with no slips and the last boat shoved off at 1020.  We headed downstream in an easy headwind to the sound of light traffic on highway 7 beside us. Ahead of us in the channel, a northward turn would take us away from the sounds of traffic and shelter us from the increase morning wind. Moving through that middle portion of the paddle makes it possible to feel like you are along way away from anywhere. The mountains stand beside you to the north, while the valley invisibly hovers somewhere over the bank on your left and for awhile, you are paddling on a remote wilderness waterway with a group of like minded travelers.  

The passing train on the north tracks brings you back to civilization and the realization that its already time for lunch. Knowing the channel soon turns toward Highway 7 again we found a quiet grassy spot with lots of space for all of us; the one caution was a few small “cow-pies” courtesy of a near by farm now visible from the slough.  25 minutes  later we headed off for the last leg of the trip. A mild headwind continued to keep us cool but comfortable without making it a cardio exercise to get back. We arrive back at the shuttle take out, a block down from the Dewdney Pub where we loaded boats and headed home for the day. It was 1330, still time for those traveling from as far away as Vancouver and North Vancouver, to get home at  a reasonable time. Despite our earlier trepidation it was a very nice paddle. 

Good people, good times. always a pleasure to lead a paddle with this club. 


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