Seymour Paddling – When it Rains Enough                    What’s Up with WhatsApp?

We now have a great new tool for organizing impromptu paddles and last-minute communications on planned or impromptu trips. What’s that you say? Why it’s WhatsApp for Seymour River paddlers!


Q: What is the purpose of the group?

A: To organize impromptu paddles and last-minute communication (e.g., change of meeting location/time) on planned or impromptu trips.

Q: Is this chat group directly affiliated with any particular canoe or paddling clubs?

A: No. It is OK to invite any friend to become a chat group member provided you know them fairly-well, they are competent, safety conscious and appropriately equipped for whitewater paddling.

Q: Is the content of messages monitored or controlled in any way?

A: No. The chat group Administrators take no responsibility for the content of any messages. Please use the chat group responsibly and respectfully.

Q: How do I join the group? Do I need to download WhatsApp first?

A: Yes. Download the App first (on Apple devices search for WhatsApp in the Apps Store). Then either:

Q: Who are the group Administrators?

A: Paddy Lee ( and Dave Apps (  (take it from a nerdy engineer – most of us are).

Q: I’ve joined the Seymour Paddlers group. The river flow is good. Now what? Can I reach out to members and organize an impromptu paddle?

A: Absolutely! That’s the main reason it was created.

Q: Why not just use email?

A: WhatsApp makes it easier for organizers to initiate impromptu trips. It also circumvents problems that occur with email when people keep adding more names to email threads (a few people ultimately get left out of some messaging). With WhatsApp every member sees every message. What could be better?

Q: What is the role of the chat group Administrators?

A: Their only roles are to accept or remove people from the chat group and to help people to become members. They do not monitor message content nor accept responsibility for misuse of the chat group.

Q: I tried to join the chat group, but it didn’t work for me. What can I do?

A: Make sure you have WhatsApp downloaded on your device. Then contact an Administrator and ask to have your name and contact information added. Be sure to include your cell number.

Q: Can I use a tablet, a laptop, or a desktop computer instead of (or as well as) a smart phone?

A: Yes, you can install WhatsApp on multiple devices. Members’ have it on their cell phones, and some also have it installed on their Windows PCs (Windows requires WhatsApp to be installed on the phones first).

Q: Kayaks? Canoes?

A: Yes, and yes!

Q: People cannot see my name when I send a message. How can I fix that?

A: Go to settings, click on your name, then add your name under edit profile. Don’t be shy – add your favorite selfie photo too! If you are shy, add your favorite panorama or other photo.

Q: I joined the group. Some people show up as just phone numbers. What’s up?

A: You likely need to add their name/contact information to your personal directory.

Q: What else? Should I type in my name at the end of each message that I post?

A: This is recommended to add your name. It identifies you to anyone who doesn’t have you in their directory.

Q: Will the Seymour Paddlers group format be used for other rivers?

A: For now, it is intended mainly for the Seymour River, but it can also be used occasionally for other popular west coast rivers. If it works as well as we hope, more WhatsApp chat groups may be added in 2023 for other rivers (or river groups such as Sea to Sky, Fraser Valley, etc.).