Lower Coquitlam River

Lower Coquitlam River
Jan 3, 2016
By Dave WesteII

Dave, Mike and Jim paddled the Lower Coquitlam on this day. We put in just by the walking bridge at Patricia Avenue.

Just below, we managed a rapid just big enough to splash into our boats and insure we were sitting in water the rest of the trip. It was cold. If the creek were not brackish, it would have been frozen. Jim noted the foggy, frosty scenery, “like being inside a Christmas card,” he said.

We took out at Maquabeak Park. A security guard from the adjacent construction site seemed impressed with our trip. Maybe we’ll see her for basic paddlers. It’s nice to leave your boats next to a security guard when you need to do the shuttle.

We ended up at Tim Hortons where we ran into Don and Donna on their quest for a La-zed-boy recliner. What a fun day.


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  • Roger Vermeulen (from the mill in Dutch, not vermillion) on Broken and Deer Group IslandsHi Jeff, KJ. Absolutely beautiful trip. Very informative description and many thanks for that. I am amazed at the distances you paddled on some days….
  • Greta on Columbia River Wetlandsand thanks so much for sharing your story! it is surprisingly hard to find information on overnight paddle trips on the Columbia River :)
  • Greta on Columbia River Wetlandscan I ask which topo maps you used? thanks!
  • Suzanna Huebsch on Alouette LakeI’m getting a bit worried–Pam is hearing herself talk to April in her sleep?!
  • KJ Hills on Alouette LakeGreat write-up on Alouette Lake, Pam! Glad I was there to enjoy the flat-water paddling, the warm fall sunshine and the good company of fellow…



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Rick BryanRick Bryan

4 days ago

Any trip on the Englishman is worth the drive, even from Victoria. Prob’ly the flashiest of the S. Island rivers, the E’man is hardest to catch. You’ve gotta have your bags packed, and be ready to go when the gauge is in the range.

The E’man is continous technical action, from put-in to take-out: the rocks, holes, wave trains, and play spots just keep coming. One elderly Beaver took eyes off the river for a quick second, got back-surfed in a hole, and had a refreshing swim to cool off.

Seven boats made the trip on Saturday: 4 OC-1s, 2 kayaks, and a C-1. Seven boaters came away with smiles. See MoreSee Less

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Lawless JohnLawless John

5 days ago


cinemateque Tuesday 16th. Some club members met her on the Seymour and she is wonderful! See MoreSee Less

» Katrina Van Wijk | Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival

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Enzo FigliuzziEnzo Figliuzzi

1 week ago

We paddle through the marsh up at Pitt Lake on family day. What a gorgeous day. See MoreSee Less

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