Lower Coquitlam River evening Paddle – Thursday Jun 11,2020

We started our evening paddle on the Coquitlam River near the pedestrian Bridge by Patricia Avenue. After going on the pedestrian bridge and checking out the first of three “rapids” that we would expect to encounter on this trip, we launched the boats and started the trip. Upon hitting the first of rapids, Kathy Barnes and I dumped. This was our first river paddle of the year together, and the first dump of the year. After getting back to the shore and to the boat, with help of other paddlers, we continued the trip.

The route was quite scenic, and felt like being in total wilderness while still in the middle of the city. We saw wildlife such as beavers, herons and other birds along the way.

The Coquitlam river gradually turns into a body of gentle moving water as we go further downstream and while getting closer to the Pitt River.

The trip was a fun run and everyone seemed to enjoyed themselves, including the 4 dumpees. We look forward to the next trip.


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