Buntzen Lake Trip Report from April 8, 2018 by Pam Farish

If you had been following the weather forecasts for what the weather would be like on Sunday April 8th for the Buntzen Lake paddle, perhaps you decided to stay at home to keep dry.

So for the 4 beavers who took a chance they had a rain-free paddle!  Yes it rained hard before we got to the Lake and it rained hard after we had loaded the canoes back on the vehicles.  And it was overcast all day, however we only had a few sprinkles of rain, like 30 seconds long, while we were out.

Mike D. and Pam F. paddled a tandem, and Bernard S. and Gord B. paddled solos.  There was absolutely no wind. The lake’s surface was absolutely still and flat like a mirror.  The reflection of the rocky bluffs, trees and moss, on the lake surface was truly amazing in its detail and colours.  We were truly looking at a perfect mirror image! We made our way along the west shoreline to the north end of the lake for lunch. We had lunch at a wooden picnic table, which was very “civilized”.  After lunch Pam took Gord’s canoe out for a solo paddle and Gord accompanied her in Mike’s canoe while  Mike and Bernard took a little hike along one of the trails around the Lake.  We gathered again and paddled back to the south end of the Lake.  Though the time on the water was short, it is always pleasant to be out on the water, and a small group of paddlers is a really easy-going experience too.

FYI – Pam volunteered to write the report, we had no “swimming”.

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