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Thursday April 19, 2018 Nicomekl River trip by Pam Farish

Gord B. was the trip leader for this paddle. He paddled with a friend, Wanda, and Pam F. paddled one of Gord’s tandem canoes as a “solo” paddler.  A first for Pam to paddle solo. However she did not “swim” but did agree to write this report.  ... More

Buntzen Lake Trip Report from April 8, 2018 by Pam Farish

If you had been following the weather forecasts for what the weather would be like on Sunday April 8th for the Buntzen Lake paddle, perhaps you decided to stay at home to keep dry. So for the 4 beavers who took a chance they had a rain-free paddle!  ... More

Rivers Week – Sunday June 25 – Similkameen River, from Princeton to Bromley Rock

This is the trip report for the Sunday June 25 paddle, Similkameen River from Princeton to Bromley Rock.  We had 3 tandem canoes- Paddy (trip leader) and Jill, Bernard and Jenn, and Mike and Pam.  Pam volunteered to write the report because no one went ... More

Ladner Marsh Trip Report – May 21, 2017

It was a gorgeous sunny day, something we haven’t had for a while so everyone was eager to get on the water. The trip leader was April W. and the paddlers were Pam F., Mike D., Suzanna H., John G. and 2 new members Christine McG. and Bruce M. and a ... More