An Ode to Rivers Week 2016

Sunday, June 25 dawned warm and blue
Thirteen eager beavers were ready for day two.

Six tandems, six solos set out for a run
From Granite City camp to the town of Princeton.

We’re told: leave at 11, arrive at 3:30
Carey leading, urging us to hurry.

2 to 5 boat lengths soon became twenty
Carey called us together and then he said plenty!

John and Madeline, our trusty sweeps
Would find herding cats an easier treat!

Floats, then riffles and small rapids
Cliffs, trees and sky kept us far from vapid.

Lunch above the class three section
Gave us time for inspection and reflection.

Christina ran her first class three
Scott and Bertrand did the run easily.

All boats through, no damage done
It was on to the next challenge, a class 4 section.

Portage up a cliff and along the rail trail
Through a dark tunnel, had us dragging our tails.

Belayed down a cliff Megan and Trish had a race,
Rose cursed a bit when Carey said show me your face!

Back in the river, a final push to the end
Taking out at 5pm, at the big house on the bend.

Final chain gang brought boats to the top
Tired but happy we were glad to call a stop.

by Diane Sharp

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