Adams River 2017


Take Highway 1 East from Kamloops exit for Roderrick  Haig Brown park.

The Meeting Spot

10 AM each morning at the raft take out parking spot  across the bridge at Adams River

The Proposed Camping

A further 3 km along the road just past Roderick Haig Brown park entrance on left or opposite side of road. Photo below.

Suitable for

This river is suitable for beginner/intermediate  paddlers and older children ie 12 ish as although it has a big rapid in a canyon.

The canyon is safe and ends in a big eddy.  I expect most intermediate paddlers will fall in the canyon and end up swimming but it’s exhilarating not dangerous.

My cell Phil Rankin 778-871-4873

Below is the camping spot 3 km down the road just past Roderick Haig Brown park and campers can call J and G Lewis on telephone in sign below

There are only one or two trailer hook ups the rest is tent camping on grass with outhouse and showers

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