2016 Ruby Jubilee Awards Dinner

We had a blast

89 people ended up showing up, Dave Westell gave us a great welcome speech, Phil Rankin did a great job as our MC, kept us all on track, just like a meeting…we were not allowed to stray from our agenda and were not allowed to linger on…


Karyn Lippincott did up our gorgeous festive centerpieces, and the crackers – great prizes, and she even remembered to get batteries for the flashlights that were in some, we all had a laugh when we discovered that there are batteries out there smaller than AAA, who knew?


Anne Gingras and Alain Prince did a fantastic job on the video “The Year that Was”? and I am sure if you want a copy that can be arranged.

We have to thank Carey Robson for the technical assistance, with a little help we were able to project our movie onto the wall with the supplied projector, then we were able to play it at the same time over on the big screen TV.

Special Thanks

To Les & Pauline Mushens, for those of you who don’t know, they were the founding members of our club.  They came out to party with us, and visit with old friends

Photo Contest

Leigh Burton organized our photo contest, with help from Megan Posnikoff, who drafted Skyler & Samson Beatty to help her.  Nancy & Ryan George helped with counting ballots, and our winners were:

Jeff Rabinovitch – Scenic


James Wakefield – Action


James Wakefield – Humour


Megan Posnikoff – People


Winners were awarded a $20.00 gift certificate from Western Canoe & Kayak.

Rose Drozdowskii did a great job on the check in table with help from Pam Farish.

We gave out awards

Eager Beavers
Bernard Schober & Jen Wang, despite being dumped many times, being cold & wet they just kept getting back in the boat and trying again…

Gear Basher
Jenny Wakefield – I wasn’t there but I hear it was epic, I understand a boat was totally destroyed..

Dumper of the Year
Went to Skyler Beatty – for a dump at River’s Week, I hear some bones were broken in the making of this award…


Tons of door prizes,  and more door prizes, and still more door prizes, thanks to donations from many of our members and special thanks to the following businesses:

Scott Thompson & Greg Scutt manned the door prize table, as we ended up with more than 50 door prizes, this was no small task.

jubilee-dinner-3We had a visit from the Great Beaver himself, Phil had some Q & A with him, and I think we can look forward to a new year of paddling in 2017.

The band – Rockline! Trevor and Gerry Layton, Dan Burnett.  Great music, Dan can really blow hard (sorry Dan)

People danced, some of us more than others, but people out on the dance floor is the best compliment a band can receive.

Reminder for January meeting, we did not do the trip leader or trip report draw and we need to do that, prize is a free membership for the year.

Mistakes were made – we did not take a photo of the winner of the paddle, and in fact no one can remember who won it. Our menu didn’t come out exactly as planned and we were missed the one dairy free menu item – luckily the staff at the club was able to come up with a delicious alternative…but it’s a reminder to check EVERY detail.

I thank you all for coming, and for all the help I received when I needed it – I am looking forward to paddling with you next year, and dancing with as many of you as I can, if you have feedback or suggestions for next year, or other events you would like to see, please send me an email ….dance like no one is watching.


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