Widgeon Creek Trip report for Sunday October 15th, 2017

By Suzanna H.

Sunshine and Widgeon Creek don’t seem to be best friends. The trip is run as the first and last BCC trip every year and seems to attract rainy cold weather almost every time. But not this Fall! It was a gorgeous day that offered up some great views and excellent company. Our motley crew was made up of 1 solo and 8 tandems: Jack, Suzanna & John, David & James, Dave & Anya, Bob & Carol, Mike & Jen, Pam & April, Monica & Margaret, and Carey & Leigh.

And yes you read that correctly. Carey. I think he got his days mixed up because he never shows up for a flatwater trip. Or maybe he just wanted to show off his new Kevlar lakewater canoe.

We started the trip at Grant Narrows on the south end of Pitt Lake. Leigh did a fabulous job herding us all together safely across the Pitt river. It was quite windy on the way over to Widgeon Creek. We were going against the creek current for most of the way but that diminished as we went further up and water levels dropped. Dave W. came well equipped to pole the canoe in the shallow bits while the rest of us cursed that we didn’t think to bring a crappy paddle for navigating the shallows. A few times we had to get out of the canoes and drag it along until the water got deeper again.

We did make it up to the campground. There was a cute little mouse that was so tame it just ran right over us during lunch looking for crumbs. Yikes! A few paddlers remained at the campsite while the rest of us set off for the falls. Or should I say the SPECTACULAR falls! It was our first time seeing them and they were much nicer than expected—large boulders carved out by the water. They were a bit slippery near the forest as I soon found out. I slipped and came crashing down on my knees and nearly screamed. John raced over to help and slipped into a puddle. What a pair! Luckily nothing was broken and I was able to limp back to the canoe.

The way back down was uneventful and gorgeous. We passed numerous canoes heading up, a little distressed that they had no lifejackets on—one was even carrying a cat! Leigh once again herded us safely back across the Pitt river. By this time there was no wind so the crossing was pretty easy—until we hit the current and then those of us not set up correctly for ferrying were paddling like mad not to miss the take-out point.

It’s such a pleasure paddling with the club. Everyone is always so helpful and getting your canoe and all your gear from the shore back to your car is completed in no time.

PS Dave, I think we would all benefit from some poling lessons! Hint, hint, nudge, nudge, wink, wink! 

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