Vancouver Parks Board Thinking of Closing Byng

I first went to Lord Byng 35 years ago for introduction to kayaking by Brian Creer who started teaching Kayaking there 50 years ago. Literally 1000’s of kayakers have traipsed through that pool trying to learn wet exits, braces and rolls . Byng pool is a valuable service to new and old paddlers.

There was a meeting of local residents at Lord Byng Pool to oppose demolition of Lord Byng Pool today Oct 31.2017 at 8 a.m. which I went to. The meeting was to oppose part of the Parks Board plan to make an aquatic centre at Connaught Park near Kitsalino school while demolishing Byng. We’re not opposed to Aquatic centre per set but we are opposed to demolishing Byng’s pool The local people and teachers and students want to keep Byng. They have 1000 signature petition.

Of course we paddlers want to keep rolling practice as Byng is only the pool available now that Ron Andrews has cancelled rolling on Friday night. I went on behalf of paddlers this morning.

The locals have struck a save Byng Pool committee and have a face page which I’ve not seen. Their spokesperson Tom Perry jr. is going to the next parks board meeting Monday November 6 at 7 pm. I plan to go to express concerns of Beaver Canoe Club.

But it’s just a relevant for VKC or Sea kayakers Association, water volleyball, etc. all of whose members at some time or other go to Byng to learn to roll.

Lord Byng is a valuable resource for training new kayakers and perhaps circulating a petition on line for your VKC members, writing a letter to Parks Board opposing Byng demolition and sending a VKC rep to Parks Board Meeting Monday November 6 at 7 pm or a future meeting.

Phil Rankin 778-871-4873 or email