Saturday May 11 Squamish River

The plan was to put in at the Ashlu River Bridge and take out at Fisherman’s Park. This would be a 22 km run. 

This trip was a go, with modifications.

Due to the really warm weather the river levels were on the rise the week before. On Thurs. and Fri. the flow seemed to have stabilized at approx. 400 cms. Bill checked the river on Fri. and it looked like a go. Then overnight on Fri. the level shot up to approx. 600 cms! We went and checked out the river at the takeout. The current was very fast, the river was into the brush in places and there was the odd piece of wood floating down the river. We considered putting in below the woody section down river of the Ashlu River bridge. The other concern was that the Cheakamus River was really pumping and the confluence may have been tricky without lining or carry over options.

So it was decided that caution should prevail. We had a nice mellow paddle from Fisherman’s Park to the dike. Played in the current and some eddies and explored some side channels. Nice mellow day and then a beer on the patio.

We had 6 tandem boats: Margaret & Monica, Greg & Kristina, Seb. & Kirsten, David & Trish, Paddy & Jill and Simon & Bill.

Bill Moore

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