Salmon River – June 15 – Stephane Foucherau

By a clear morning of June, five fearless paddlers looking for an adventure met in the middle of nowhere with no water in sight. Mike pointed toward a wild field of waist high grass and shrubs before starting one of his famous long speeches:

“This way”.

Hidden behind a green wall, the paddlers found a narrow but deep river, running under trees. Shortly after, three canoes are launched and the trip starts… to stop almost right away when Rose says,

-”Stop, stop, there is a beaver dam in front”

-”Run it” answered Mike from the last canoe in line

-”Wait, this is a big one” replied Rose not exactly convinced by the idea…

-”It’s going to be okay” said Mike in a reassuring tone…

-”It drops by at least one meter!” informed Rose.

-”I would run it” concluded Mike

In the end, the paddlers, not so fearless after all, disembarked from their proud vessels and with extraordinary grace and elegance managed to step over the darn and drag all their boats on the other side.

The following hours will see them courageously paddling down the lazy and narrow loops of the river while dodging low branches and sand bars.

Along the way,  they met a couple of additional darns, but they were all small and were all run this time. They passed a castle (that some might call a house), went under a tunnel and ran three meters of rapids!

Like I said, an adventure!

After a picnic and maybe four hours (I did not have a watch and I would certainly not risk getting my precious (also known as a cell phone) out while sitting on the water), the little band reached the Fraser river.

However, to get to it, they had to go over a last dam. That one not built by beavers though!

After the short portage, they kept going on the large river, pushed by a friendly current.

More gigantic houses appeared on the left bank, while in front they could see snow capped mountains in the background.

Finally, Derby Reach park appeared and signaled the end of the trip and the time to part ways. But it was okay, because they knew there would be more adventures soon!


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