Rivers Week – Sunday June 25 – Similkameen River, from Princeton to Bromley Rock

This is the trip report for the Sunday June 25 paddle, Similkameen River from Princeton to Bromley Rock.  We had 3 tandem canoes- Paddy (trip leader) and Jill, Bernard and Jenn, and Mike and Pam.  Pam volunteered to write the report because no one went for a “swim” which would have automatically made them the trip report writer. 

The morning started with clear blue skies, which became covered with light wispy white clouds by noon, which helped make the mid-30’s temperatures more tolerable. We had the river to ourselves, except for a female elk by the river’s edge that some of us saw and the small birds that sang from their homes in the brush and trees along the river bank.  Even though the river was running high we did find a small piece of shady sandy shore to stop for lunch. 

This was a beautiful Grade 1 run with a Grade 2 rapids just before Bromley Rock. We all navigated those rapids safely to land at the Bromley Rock beach. The very last challenge of the trip was the hottest part – carrying the canoes up the steep bank to the parking lot. At the end of the day, the River and my fellow paddlers made this a wonderful trip.