President’s Message – Dec 2017

Hi everyone –

It was a great end of year party, wasn’t it?

Thanks to April for planning and putting on our end of year party, and thanks to all the people who helped her make it happen.  They are:

  • Anne Gingras & Alain Prince, who put together The Year that Was slideshow
  • Ryan George, who organized the photo contest,
  • Dave Kilpatrick, who helped bring in the prizes, 
  • Rose Drozdowski, who greeted our guests, and
  • Christine Lambert, who sold liquor tickets.

Thanks as well to several individuals and business who donated door prizes.  They are:

  • Western Canoe, which donated a gift certificate
  • David Middleton, who brought several door prizes
  • Sanderson Concrete, which donated 2 concrete planters
  • Claude Gauvin, who donated wooden boxes
  • Leigh Burton, who donated some canoe gear
  • Karen Lippincott, who donated a christmas centerpiece
  • Dave & Rose, who brought two multitools
  • April Watson, who donated the pointsettas, 
  • 99 Nursery, who discounted the pointsettas for her, and 
  • Knifewear on Main Street, Vancouver, for a knife skills lesson for two

It was a great year too.

We had a lot of volunteers doing a lot of things.

We had the executive, of course, who worked hard to keep the club relevant for all of us.  And we had the trainers who gave us the gift of their skills and experience.  And we had all the people who led trips, without which, we would not be a canoeing club.

We had a few people doing special projects as well. 

  • James Fraser was good enough to audit our books, not a glamourous job, but necessary to be a society
  • Bob Podesta was busy printing and selling decals, to increase our profile, and
  • Mike Dickenson was busy organizing ad hoc trips for many who could just not get enough time on the water

We will be starting the new year with our Annual General Meeting where we will be electing a new executive, presenting our annual budget for approval, and resolving a motion to drop our insurance coverage.  I hope you are able to review the budget and the insurance motion beforehand, and to make your voice heard at the meeting.  And if you have feelings or ideas about how you can help make our club better – or just keep it running – this is a good time to have your say, and to run for one of the ten positions that are open.

Wishing you a happy and safe season, and see you in January.