Nicomen Slough May 26, 2019

We parted our muster point at the Mission Visitors Information Center with 12 paddlers in 7 boats, Dave and Harry doing the solo thing while Carole and I, Leigh/ Gord, Tom/ Terra, Chris/ Paula, and Mike/ Rose were tandem. It was especially nice to have 2 boats with new paddlers to the club on the trip, a special welcome to them, and thanks for joining in the trip.  We left our shuttle vehicles near the pub on the slough and set out to the put-in 20 minutes up the hwy.

It was a fresh morning with mostly clear skies and a slight breeze, the water level was excellent for this paddle. After the usual unloading and pre-trip briefings we launched our boats and began our leisurely trip  down this beautiful country channel. To get the full beauty of this trip it is best done between May and early July when the water is very high because it allows easy passage through some of the normally very shallow areas. This day was perfect, we were accompanied early on by Eagles flying overhead and numerous other water fowl. We arrived at the mouth of Norris Creek and decided to paddle upstream a short distance to a nice beach to stop for lunch. There enjoyed a good 40 minutes or so before continuing on our trip.

Near the end of the trip we took a little detour that is only available during the high water periods. It’s a beautiful back water area shielded from view by a large island formed in the middle of the slough. Over the years we have seen bears, numerous beavers many birds and an abundance of fish in this spot. It is also a very nice evening paddle by itself as it is accessible from near-by put in areas. We only went up that channel about 15 minutes to give everyone a taste of the location but normally you can get 40 – 60 mins. up the channel. Afterward we headed down to the take-out at the Dewdney Pub. Some headed home while half the group stopped in for cool one…or two.

A really nice day with a terrific padding group, look forward to another one like that. Thanks to Tom for the Photos at the below link.



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