Let the water be your guide – a Globe and Mail article


The man who almost drowned Pierre Trudeau is standing on the banks of the wild Dumoine River in western Quebec, water tumbling down rapids to his left, water swirling in a vast eddy to his right, water falling from above in a cold, annoying, late-spring rain.

The man who saved Pierre Trudeau’s life – more on that later – knows that there is still snow in the bush, but that is a mere technicality: The seasonhas begun.

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The Gataga/Kechika

August 2016 Not exactly a club trip, but I know many Beavers enjoy tripping and I don't know any who have done this one. Nine of us had the privilege of paddling 300 km through the most Northerly of the spectacular Rockies. The river carries the ... More

Whitewater “park & practice” session on the Chilliwack River

While sticking to one lovely spot on the river, Pat guided and encouraged us as we practiced going up and down river, trying different circuits and S turns from eddy to eddy. It was great to see Dave M. on the water. Both Denise and Heather's dogs ... More

Lower Nicola, Saturday July 2nd, Rivers Week 2016

To catch the tail end of Rivers Week, my family once again loaded up our car (or in this case our rental, but I don’t want to talk about that) and made our way to the Nicola to see our paddling friends and camp among the cacti. This year I was even ... More

An Ode to Rivers Week 2016

Sunday, June 25 dawned warm and blue Thirteen eager beavers were ready for day two. Six tandems, six solos set out for a run From Granite City camp to the town of Princeton. We’re told: leave at 11, arrive at 3:30 Carey leading, urging us to ... More

Coldwater River from the First Nations Blue Church to a municipal park in Merritt

By Mike Dickinson Wednesday June 29, 2016 Moving day at Rivers and Lakes Week. We start the day with a scenic drive from Coalmont to Tulameen and beyond on dirt roads till we reach the highway again. Luckily the roads were being graded so our caravan ... More

Rivers Week 2016!

Many canoes, many beavers, many rivers!  Here are some visual postings of the aquatic fun.   More

The River of Golden Dreams

June 15, 2017 This report is being submitted to protect the participants (Bernard, Diana, John, Suzanne Tricia, Guy Leah and Leigh) from embarrassment! No-one dumped! The meeting time/place was determined by the trip leader. Once assembled, we were ... More

Chilliwack River – April 2016

Lower Chilliwack River - April 17, 2016 For those who did not attend the Flatwater Instructor Testing at Deer Lake, the RCABC Paddle Conference at Kawakawa Lake, or the Sun Run in Vancouver, or the Spring Flower Festival in Abbotsford, there was ... More

Widgeon Creek 2016

By Dave MIddleton Leader paddles without his canoe! During the week, the weather report first claimed it would be a sunny day, but later reports said light showers. The rain followed us from Vancouver. It probably discouraged many paddlers from ... More