Terror on the Coquitlam River

Sweepers, water rushing at 9 cubic meters per second, and Bernard’s driving led to an exciting outing on the Coquitlam River last Sunday. With a meet up at the Port Mann boat launch at 10 am, and a shuttle organized by trip leader, Mike, a group of 10 ... More

The author wishes to remain anonymous.

On May 27, 2017 a group of Beavers decided to paddle the Upper Seymour and arranged to meet at the gate at / am. The group Carey, Alain James, Jenny, Flynn, Denise and Phil and anonymous put in below the dam. The paddle started off splendidly but it was ... More

Experienced River Runner Canoe – SOLD!


News Editor Report – June 2017

Well if you're reading this that means the website and newsletter are doing their job. We've all been busy beavers (ahem) improving the website to keep you up-to-date with club trips, trip reports and the latest canoe adventures. Some new features you ... More

Instructor/Advanced Paddling Skills Participants Needed

This is a message to paddlers who would like to increase the paddling skills to the advanced level. Beginning Sept 8, 2017 there is a Lake water instructors course posted on learn2canoe.ca you do not need to become an instructor when you complete this ... More

President’s Message – June 2017

Congratulations New Paddlers for earning your  Tandem Lakewater certificates.  Many have gone on to try out moving water.  Did I mention we fall in sometimes?  Congratulations for that as well. Thanks for Carey and all the instructors who helped, ... More

Mohawk XL15 Solo or Tandem Whitewater Canoe – FOR SALE

We have a Mohawk XL15 solo/tandem whitewater canoe that we would like to sell.  It has bow and stern seats as well as being equipped with a saddle and has flotation bags.  I bought it originally (used) back in about 1990 for something like $1200-$1500. ... More

Ladner Marsh Trip Report – May 21, 2017

It was a gorgeous sunny day, something we haven’t had for a while so everyone was eager to get on the water. The trip leader was April W. and the paddlers were Pam F., Mike D., Suzanna H., John G. and 2 new members Christine McG. and Bruce M. and a ... More

Training Director Report – May 2016

Basic Paddlers This year we had 45 people register and take some or all of our world renowned Basic Paddler Lessons. Special thanks to our Instructors: Greg, Scott, Phil & Alain. Also our co-examiner Madelaine and our Dumping coordinator Claude. ... More

For rent: Old Town Tripper

Royalex with full spray skirt and wilderness repair kit. Week + trips only. Contact: Carey@CanoeBC.ca More