My Exciting Capsize — Jen Wang — Video Added!

The weather is great with a blue sky on the way to the put in. I was not comfortable to drive my Jeep to the put in due to the tilting logging road. I asked Scott to drive my vehicle.

On our way to the put in, Scott spotted a moose. He then turned back the vehicle to where he saw the Moose. He tried to talk to the moose with their language and it looked like the moose understood Scott. She turned her head over and looked at us for a while. It was a great start of the day.

Scott shuttled 6 boats with the Jeep and I am very happy it can be helpful on this road.

There are total 13 boats for this trip:  Ann and Alan, Kara and Scott, Patty and Jill, Carey and Christine, Trish and David and Eureka and Sally as tandems. The solos were:  Marc, John, Don, Phil, Jen, Ciaran and Sebastian.

As usual, Carey did the pre-trip safety talk. 

 The Trip starts and Phil was showing me the direction to paddle. The first move was successful and I stayed upright. Every boat was running smoothly.

The 13 colourful  boats made the river looked like it was wearing beautiful flowers,  dancing with the flow. The water level is just perfect to let the paddlers warm up. I was quite happy that I can enjoy the scenery, talking with people while paddling. Phil was very helpful letting me follow him and telling me what is coming up and what I should do. For a while, Phil, Ciaran and I were in front of the whole group.

Before long a first capsize occurred and the first rescue was performed.

At a section some were surfing and Phil was showing me how to get into the eddy. The rest group joined us a while later. Lunch at this magnificent place was relaxing and enjoying. A deer was near us. I realized how lucky we are living in such a beautiful place with crystal clean water. 

After lunch paddling continued. Phil encouraged me and told me that I did well.  A few minutes later I had my 1st capsize. I tried to get away from the hole so I chose the left side but another giant rock is right in front of me and my boat bumped into it. My boat went to right and I to the left side which made Carey comment, “You let the canoe go, again!”  I let the canoe go last year and since than I tried to hold my canoe every time I got dumped and rescued. But this time I didn’t even have less than a second to grab my canoe. I decided to swim to a safe place. Ann and Alan helped to get me safe while Carey and Christine rescued my canoe.

I was on an island from when I was rescued. My boat was on the other shore and another channel came fast in between. Marc came gave me a ride to my boat! What a fun memorable capsize! One capsize; three groups involved rescuing me! 

Paddling continues and there’s a section I was too close to Don and couldn’t control my speed. I didn’t give Don much space to paddle at a really steep place. Fortunately, both Don and I got through. 

I don’t remember the 2nd capsize where I dumped, all I remember was Anne and Alain rescued me. It was not too long after my 1st dump.

The 3rd one was fun and interesting! Phil told me the coming one rapid is the last hard one.   Phil was ahead and I was following him. Since my boat was too close to him I decide to use the left side. I felt my boat get bumped and I capsized again. After Anne and Alan rescued me into my boat I saw Phil was swimming too, and he was saying to me that I had his boat. I said yes, since the boat I was paddling is the boat Phil lent to me. However, Phil actually meant that I was in the boat he was paddling, so he didn’t want to get into his empty boat which people were asking him to do. It was so funny, and even now every time I think about this episode, I laugh!

In conclusion, this was fantastic paddling with a big group of paddlers who help each other, especially me. Of 12 capsizes, I had 3. I learned and enjoyed the whole time. I want to thank everyone I shared this great time with.


See the Video.

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