The Beaver Canoe Club offers friendship and the self-satisfaction of achieving something you’ve always wanted to do. The club offers the chance to share with and learn from other experienced members as well as being apart of an organization of people that provides benefits to things that you believe in.

  • Paddle with over 200 members
  • Join flatwater, moving water and whitewater canoe trips around SW BC every week from March to October
  • Get our monthly newsletter, Beaver Tales
  • Enjoy superb entertainment at monthly meetings

Canoe Courses

  • Basic Paddlers Course – FREE to Members (April/May)
  • River Runner’s Rescue Practice (May)
  • Intro to Moving Water Clinic – FREE to Members (June)
  • Trip Leader’s Clinic (Apr)

Special Events

  • Victoria Day weekend  (Squamish)
  • Rivers Week (June/July 2016)
  • BCC Picnic (July 2016)
  • Family Camp (August 2016)
  • Thanksgiving Trip (October 2016)
  • Awards Dinner (November 20166)

Paddle Gated Rivers

  • Upper Seymour
  • Lower Seymour
  • Upper Mamquam

Annual Fees

  • $25: Adults
  • $6: Juniors (under 19)