Kevlar Merganser Tandem or Solo Whitewater canoe $200

Clipper Canoe used to make the Merganser, but the one I have is an original built by Dan Johnston, before he gave Clipper the rights & mold so they could make them.  Mine has wood gunnels.  Back at the stern, under the splash deck, the gunnel has rotted, but it’s been that way ever since I bought the canoe 12 years ago.  The previous owner must have left it outside at some point, but I’ve kept it in my garage.  
Kevlar Merganser Tandem or Solo Whitewater canoe $200
This is one of the original Mergansers designed and built by Dan Johnston (PTCC longtime member). This canoe is made of kevlar and extremely light weight at about 50 pounds. I’ve had it about 10 years and have kept in in my garage. I added an adjustable angle cane seat in the bow.
The 15-ft Merganser can be paddled solo or tandem. The Merganser makes use of a flat bottom with pronounced uplift on the ends. This makes the moderate 3″ of rocker more efficient.
This hull design allows paddlers to catch and surf waves that would otherwise be frustrating. The Merganser pivots easily in whitewater while still providing good tracking and fantastic surfing characteristics. The large size of this boat allows paddlers to stow gear for longer river trips.
Center depth is 14 1/2″ with the ends rising to 25″. The Merganser is 33″ wide at the center.
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